Fresh Media LLC focuses on putting small businesses on the web.  Our philosophy is simple, we build a nice looking, informative static website so that your small business can compete in the ever increasing web jungle that people turn to, instead of their phone books.


There is nothing fancy, there are no employee portals built, there is no ecommerce provided, there is simply a website the provides information about your business, as well as your contact information.  Using basic SEO (search engine optimization), as well as working with you to find the perfect domain name, we simply build it and let you receive the calls.  Once built the amount of hassle is simply paying to renew and host your website on an annual basis.


Our focus in on true small businesses, the kind that I have plenty of experiencing operating, giving a rare first hand knowledge of what it takes to operate a business with often just yourself, your family or a couple of employees.  Fresh Media LLC is not a large company, in fact there is a limit to the amount of websites that we will allow to be designed at one time. 


We will design an affordable basic website for your small business that will help to get leads and ensure you are not lost in the technology revolution.  We realize that the backbone of America is all of the hardworking small business owners found coast to coast.  Our company provides basic web design to businesses throughout the United States. 


Our services are really quite simple and open.  We work with you to get a low cost website up and running.  Once done, unless you elect changes to be made to the website, you simply pay for the domain name and hosting on a yearly basis.


Give us a call or send an email today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payments?

We do allow the total cost to be split into two monthly payments.  Simply let us know if this is something you desire.  No payments are allowed on the annual domain name and hosting renewal.

What happens if I want to make changes to the website after you launch it?

Prior to launching the website, we provide you a link to view it and will make minor tweaks to the website.  In order to keep the cost affordable for all, there is are limitations to the tweaks that are made free of charge.

Do you provide graphic work, logos, etc.?

As a general rule of thumb, we do not do any graphic design, but will take logos, pictures and other clips of material that you have had made for your business.  These are what we use to build your website.

Can I sell items on my website? Can customers set appointments via my website?

All websites that we design are static informational websites.  We do not provide services for ecommerce, appointment setting, etc.  Our low cost is reflective of our mission of putting small businesses on the web.

Will I get an email address(es) for my website?

Yes, all of our packages include email addresses.  You can also add additional ones, if you desire.

What if I go out of business or sell my business?

Let’s hope that you don’t go out of business, after all this is one reason to have a website, to generate leads.  However, if your business is no longer operating, you can contact us to have your website removed from the internet.  Our services are non refundable. 

If you sell your business, it will be up to the new business owner whether or not they want to continue with the annual renewal.

What if I want to transfer my domain name or website?

You certainly have the right to host your own website or transfer your domain name to your own provider.  Please note that Fresh Media LLC does not provide any assistance in transferring a website from our hosting service to yours.  Any applicable fees that are encountered would be the responsibility of yourself. 


Also do to the complexity of connecting with unknown hosts and their options, our services are only for those who utilizing the domain name and hosting through us.  If you were to transfer your domain name or hosting, the service with Fresh Media LLC has been terminated.

Who owns the domain name?

Fresh Media LLC purchases your domain name and will continue to renew it for as long as you wish, on an annual basis. 

What happens if I don't renew?

In a nutshell, you will be notified ahead of time of the cost to renew the domain name and for the annual hosting.  However, if your domain name is not renewed, it is possible that someone could purchase the domain name once it is available.  Should that happen, you would have to essentially start over. 

Why use Fresh Media LLC, when there are hundreds of companies that do the same thing?

Well you don’t have to use our services, in fact we might not be able to work with you.  We provide a web design and hosting service that is literally from one small business to another.  We do not provide complex services or customization.  We simply get your business on the web so that customers can find you.

Do you provide any customization?

No, we do not provide any web design customization.  Quite simply, what we do is provide a flat rate affordable web design service for small businesses.  In order to keep ourselves small, we keep it simple.

Can I link my Facebook page to the website?

Absolutely, in fact that would help people to find your website.  We can link your Twitter or Facebook business page at no additional cost. 

How do I pay for your web design services?

Either Paypal or via credit card.  In some cases we can accept checks, money orders or wire transfers.  Please ask prior, if you are not planning on paying via credit card.

When does my year domain name and hosting begin?

The one year begins once we have purchased your domain name.  The speed of websites being completed is aided by having all of the necessary business information and basic specifications of the website, as well as any logos, pictures, etc., in a timely manner.


We are cautious to limiting the amount of websites we build at one time, therefore the turn around, once we have all of the necessary information, is usually relatively quick.

Do I have to have my website in the portfolio page?

No, we will ask prior to placing it there, it is completely optional. 

Can I make changes to my website?

Yes, remember we don’t do customization, but if you have changes, for instance a new phone number or address, or simply want to update some information, let us know.  There are charges for making changes, but for some changes the charges are very nominal.